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Hope Christian Centre, situated in Pleasure area of Lagos held its annual thanksgiving service on Sunday November 12, 2023. There were several attractive things at the service but one action took PTL News’s Reporter off his feet, and it was not one thing a reporter could overlook. It was seeing a crowned traditional ruler interpreting pastor’s message on the altar.

After the service PTL News had an encounter with him and this is how it went.

Can we meet you sir?

I am Oba Engineer Ebenezer Oladipo Soetan, the Olu of Olowo Town in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. I am a member of this Church, and I am Elder in the Church, under the leadership of our beloved father Pastor Wole Falohun.

It’s good to see you wearing agbada and these elements of office like beads all over you ministering in the Church.

It is not new. We saw it in the bible when the children of Israel began to have kings. We saw Kings chosen by God, and they served God. We have kings like David, Solomon, Hezekiah and others who served God. The foundation is in the bible.

See all the songs, the Psalms composed by King David, he composed and sang them to glorify God, to serve God and bring deliverance to the people. He was a good example. So it is not new to see a traditional ruler serving his God.

We have many contemporary examples of traditional rulers and kings being used by God. Today we have kings singing songs, we have kings as preachers, we have the one playing organ in his church. The kings that want to be honoured by God must be ready to serve God.

Where do you worship? Do you have a branch of this church in your town?

We don’t have the branch of the church in our town. But in the future we will see what God will do.

How about the response in your community? Has there been any conflict between you and practitioners of other faiths?

There is no confrontation in my traditional council, before I was chosen as a king they knew I was a Christian and I don’t worship idols. Then as a king they know they should give me my due honour as a Christian. Among our traditional council we have pastors, Reverends and Evangelists, so I am not the only one among them.


Everyone that knows the God he serves should be ready to serve God whether we are traditional rulers or members of the society.


If we want a better Nigeria we should speak better things about the country – Rev. Falohun

Pastor Wole Falohun, the host minister and the General Overseer of Hope Christian Centre in a remark expressed his appreciation to all his members and guests for making the event happen in a colourful way.

“I fell very happy that God proved Himself faithful here today. Everything went well. We are grateful for the role played by everybody. My number one thanks goes to God the Almighty. What we saw here today was a result of joint efforts. Everybody fully participated.”

Pastor Falohun also took time to have a word on Nigeria, noting that all that were happening in Nigeria were not knew.

He explained, “If you are conversant with the bible and events in other parts of the world, you will know that all that are happening in Nigeria is part of the end time prophecies. But it is unfortunate that the Church is losing its impact, because many Christians are parting way with God may be it is due to the situation of the country.

“I used to tell people that they should know who called them. God has promised to meet our needs according to His reaches in glory but many pastors today are not helping the situation with the way they run after earthly things. We see pastors abandoning their churches to run after physical and temporary things.

Many pastors because of the hardship have mingled themselves with the world and compromise their calling. Some have gone diabolical, while others have joined the politicians. I am not saying people should not join politics, I was once a CDA Chairman. What I am saying is that one can be in politics without soiling their hands. It all depends on who you are. Only God can deliver the Church from those that are compromising their faith. Many pastors unfortunately have derailed from the truth.

Nigerians, the Church and the government of President Bola Tinubu

“One thing I want Nigerians, Christians and non-Christians to know is that no one can put himself in power except God has ordained it.  If President Tinubu did not have the hand of God he would not get there. What I can tell the people of Nigeria is to be prayerful. One thing we lack is prayer and faith. We should desist from criticism. I know many of the leaders have disappointed us as a people. Every government that comes around is not helped by the people.

“I think one of the problems of Nigeria is that we use the power in our tongue to destroy the country. There is no government that gets there that has the full support and confidence of the people. Nigerians love saying negative things, like the government would not do well, and many Nigerians in government, policy and in business to the grass roots will be working against the policies of the government without appreciating that they are equally working against themselves.  

“If we continue like this even if angel comes to rule Nigeria, he would not do much. We should back President Tinubu up in our prayers, back him up with the words of our mouth, with obedience and positive actions. Let us back him up with good works. We can change things with the words of our mouth. If all of us believe we can have a better Nigeria, let’s begin to say better things to Nigeria.

“If we want a better Nigeria we should speak better things about the country and it will be well with the country. If we speak life to Nigeria, Nigeria will be alive. That is my belief.”

30 Years of the Church

Hole Christian Centre by the grace of God will be 30 years in the year 2025, on this Rev. Falohun expressed the hope of completing the Church building before then.

“I am expecting that the miracle of God will continue to happen in the church. I am expecting that God will have helped us to complete the sanctuary.”

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