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The home of Prophet Michael Ojo Olowere, the late founder of CAC Oke Agbara, in Ashi area of Ibadan, Oyo State’s capital has been turned into a carnival, and revival, in Church parlance.

The atmosphere changed on Friday when the Dr. Bola Are, a global icon of Nigerian gospel music landed in the church premises to commiserate with the family and the church the late spiritual leader left behind.

With the presence of Dr. Bola Are, the whole environment became charged as he led in songs of praise and worship for the good end of the aged cleric.

Dr. Are paid tributes to the late leader in glowing terms as she revealed some of the discussions and confidence reposed in her by Pa Olowere.

Bola Are who has just come back from a Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, betraying emotions said, Baba called her and promised to see her when she would come back from Jerusalem.

She said, “Baba had wanted to go (die) a long time ago but it was like he was not ready then.  But we need to thank God. When some people heard, they did not tell me. They took my phones from me when I landed at the airport.”

Continuing as she interjected with melodious songs, the renowned gospel singer revealed, “God tells us to rejoice, that the trumpeters should blow their trumpet because Baba has landed home,” and Halleluyah! Song continued.

She also spoke about the energetic nature and the passion of the deceased to the work of God, asking, “How do we do this work now? Baba was everywhere, from Ibadan to Lagos, Ogbomoso and Oyo… who will continue this work? Baba was hard working.

“When Mama followed me to Israel last year, I asked if we would meet him when we were back, he said we would meet him, and intermittently he would call and pray for us. He would ask for his wife. He was very caring.

“When we were in Jerusalem Baba’s prayers would always meet us where we could call tough places for those 12 days. He would keep on praying. He was a caring father.

“I have been expecting a day like this. I knew it would not tarry, Baba would say, Mama let me go.

“I thank all of you who are at home. I was in faraway Jerusalem and Jordan. I came back last night and they organised a kind of ‘coup’ for me. They took my phone, I did not know the reason, they said there was no network. But I wondered that was not my first time of arriving Nigeria, why were they complaining of no network? They warned the people around me not to cause problem for me.

She also recalled some of the lessons she learnt from Prophet Olowere as she explained further, saying “Baba taught us many good manners and character. Those who fear God are not so many.

“When I had challenges in my church, I ran away from the place but Baba went there and said, except if it was not with my own money that I used to acquire the property. Baba went there to pray. It is about 12 years now, and we won the battle.

When Pastor Are (my husband) died, they saw no father to take me to, I was brought to Oke Agbara here. There are many fathers in town. I have many spiritual fathers and they are going one by one. I have fathers, but this one is very special. I am happy I can see his carbon copy. Many people who are spiritual children of Baba are still coming.

Also recounting his last moments, and how and when he died, Pastor Adams, one of Prophet Olowere’s aides recounted, “At about 5.00pm, Baba kept on saying he wanted to go and 7.00pm should not meet him around.

He also said, Baba was a star, as earlier revealed by the late prophet, “that Chief Obafemi Awolowo (the late sage and well respected Nigerian leader) was a star, Bola Are is a star, and Olowere is a star. What made me weep since Baba left was what we will miss about him. Baba was always very close to his mandate. Baba stayed with his calling till his very end. He was always interested in planting his church in the bush like somebody said the best time and place to lighten a candle is in the dark.”

He also thanked God that Baba left the world with no controversy, or any ailment that could cause problems and embarrassment to the church and his family. “He has no bad name, and no controversy,” he affirmed.

There were other sessions of prayers and testimonies about the good life the Ifaki Ekiti born Christian leader lived. The highly revered Prophet Olowere gave up his ghost on Wednesday July 5, 2023 at about 100 years of age.

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