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Dagunduro, the first annual Yoruba Global Conference has come and gone but it is very clear that the impact would be felt for a long time, most especially among the Yoruba speaking people, in the United States of America, Nigeria and other parts of the world.

The conference was held online between Friday, July 2 and Sunday 4, 2021. Anchored from its base, Houston, Texas, the United States of America, the programme had active participants from all parts of the world- Nigeria, Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, Latin America, and all countries that we have the Yorubas across the world.

The conference was kicked off on Friday with a special opening message by the visioner himself, Apostle Henry Odeneye, the President of Harvestpoint Ministries, the Convener of Dagunduro Prayer Conference in the United States of America, and the Leader of Yoruba Prayer Fellowship also based in Houston, Texas, USA.

The Take Off with Apostle Henry Odeneye

Speaking at the opening programme Apostle Odeneye, the host minister said the programme was inspired so as to have fresh visions in the post covid world. The theme of the programme was What Seeth Thou? conducted in Yoruba and translated into English Language.

Apostle Odeneye, in his message told participants the need to see new visions after the Covid -19 experience.

He said, “What you see is what God gives. If you can see a bright future you can catch a bright future. It is not of physical sight alone but also spiritual vision.

“What do you see after Coronavirus? Joseph had a dream they took his beautiful cloth from him but he held to his dream. He was called a slave or prisoner, but he held to his dream.

“In life it is possible to see three pictures, a better future, a bad future, but there will be no progress without taking steps. It is possible to have the positive vision of the future, or a negative vision, or a complacent vision. Whatever you call yourself is what the world will call you. We pray that our eyes will be open to all good opportunities. Those who have bad vision will be changed to good ones,” he prayed.

Drawing from biblical examples, the cleric explained, “the widow of Zarepath saw death, Elijah brought to her life and hope. With the story of the widow of the sons of the prophet God will show us the way out.

“All Visions are alike. Ignore all the noise and be focused. Catch a mental picture of yourself from the scripture,” he charged.

On what to do, the man of God told his listeners to fear God in all that they do, prepare themselves to work for God always, be ready to hear from Him, and ever ready to work out their visions.

Dr. Supo Ayokunle’s Charge

The second day had Rev. Dr. Olasupo Ayokunle, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria and the renowned gospel singer Shola Allynson ministered in songs. There were indications that the conference was in steady growth as two of the expected guests gave their bests to lift the soul of the listeners and participants drawn from different parts of the world.

While Shola Allynson ministered in songs, Dr. Ayokunle poured out his heart in ministering in the word of God.

In her one hour ministration, the ace gospel singer led in choruses, special numbers that were produced by herself and those of others, right from her Nigeria base, online, even with one of her numbers dedicated to the theme of the conference, What Thou Seest?

In his own ministration, the President of Christian Association of Nigeria, Rev. Dr. Olasupo Ayokunle also ministered the word of God to all the global participants, in pure undiluted Yoruba language except where there was the need for clearer explanations in English.

Speaking on the theme What Do You See?, Dr. Ayokunle charged the participants to always endeavour to see good visions and follow them up whenever God revealed to them the vision of their future.

Also ministering from the chosen text, Jeremiah 1 verses 11 to 14, the special guest minister told the listeners to always have good interpretations of their visions and dreams.

“When you see visions, see good visions. What you see is what you get,” admonished Dr. Ayokunle, drawing examples from his life experiences and growth and development in his chosen career and ministry.

“Jesus, at the beginning of His ministry saw the vision of what Prophet Isaiah wrote about Him, and He used the word of God to confirm it,” quoting Luke 4.18.

“Therefore, for everyday of your life, see what God has written about you. We must see vision the way God wants us to see it,’ he explained.

The CAN president told the global congregation four ways to see a vision, mentioning, “What is visible physically to you. When you see a thing, learn from it, through dream or visions. Take action about what you see in your dream. God speaks through the mind of the spirit, through our inner eyes. This means when God puts something in your mind, you will not have peace until you take that step, charging that “After seeing your dream and vision follow it up with prayers and even fasting.”


Explaining further he said, “God gives vision through His word, but many people do not take this serious.

“Where Jesus read the book of Isaiah He saw what Isaiah said was about him. He used it to confirm the word of God. For everyday of your life you must see what God has written about you. Your eyes must see what is written about you. You must see what God wants you to see. He wants you to see Him as a Holy God.”

Dr. Ayokunle also encouraged the listeners on what steps to take in following up their God given visions and revelations.

“Separate yourself from sinners. We must be prepared to be holy like our maker. Our life must be holy. It is only those that are holy that can see from God.

“Do not see evil vision. Mark 8. 22-25. Jesus asked the blind man what he saw, the man did not see correctly, he said he saw men like trees. As children of God we should see good visions of ourselves. We must allow God to finish good work in our life to be seeing good vision. What you see determines what you get.

“We pray for leaders in Nigeria to see good visions, then the people will love them. We have not seen such in Nigeria. That prevents good people from getting to government in Nigeria.

“When you are surrounded with life battles what do you see? Our weapons are not carnal (II Corinthians 10.4-6.) If you see wrong things you will be engrossed in fear. It was not until God opened the eyes of the servant of Elisha that he saw the hosts of heaven.

“Sometimes when sickness comes, what do you see? What do you see when you are sick?

Using the example of the chief cup bearer and Joseph in Gen. 40:9-14, the cleric admonished, “If you don’t have the vision of promotion you won’t be promoted. Do not be weary in your mind. That weariness is for a moment it will pass away,” submitting that “there is a reason why God asked us what we see.”

The Third Day, Pastor Adebowale Adegoke

It was the turn of Pastor Adebowale Adegoke, the Senior Pastor and Founder of Mount Zion Christian Ministries International, United Kingdom on the third day. While Pastor Adebowale led in the word of God, Rebecca Oreofe Tampio, the Finnish lady who sings Yoruba songs with ease led the praise and worship from Finland, United Kingdom.

In his message Pastor Adebowale, also linked his message with the text of the theme What Seest Thou? and submitted on the need for God to open our eyes, with a Bible quotation from Psalm 119 verse 18.

According to him, “All times, God shows something. God is always revealing things to His people. God always asks his people what they see. We need to see what God is revealing to us clearly. For me I see a year full of glory, and no one doubts what he sees. That is why God reveales to us things,” backing his claims with 12 areas by which God asked His people to see and prove Himself.

Pastor Adebowale concluded his message by leading prayers to God to open our physical and spiritual eyes to see the treasures He has for us, especially the wealth that has been hidden for us after Covid 19, and let our hands hold them.

In his vote of thanks the Chief host, Apostle Odeneye who was visibly excited by the good success recorded by the conference was full of praise to God for proving Himself before and during the conference as He assured participants that the manifestation would continue after the conference.

Going down the memory lane, the host minister revealed that the idea of the vision came in 2017 “when God reminded us of the gathering of FESTAC ’77. What you see today is a shadow of what is coming when the second edition will come later like they did in Festac.

Apostle Odeneye expressed his deeply felt appreciation to his guests, to Dr. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle, the President of Christian Association of Nigeria, for being a loving father and his expression of humility, to Pastor Adegoke who has stayed with the vision since its inception, noting, “he showed us the way and stay by us.”

Dr. Odeneye also expressed his appreciation to Pastor M.D. Davis, the Chairperson of the Organising Committee, who also anchored from the United Kingdom, Pastor John from London, Prophet Okeowo from Liverpool, and others like Pastor Ayo Akintan, Elder Jeyifous, Merayesa, Deborah Alofe from Nigeria, Deacon Olawale Ajayi, Pastor Timothy Awe, the Dagunduro Choir, the drummers, the ushers and the Sanctuary Keepers, the Media department, the Glorious Vision team from The Apostolic Church, Nigeria, the Security, Men and Women of the African Mandate, all participants from all parts of the world.

The list of appreciation was also extended to the guest music ministers in persons of Evangelist Shola Allynson from Nigeria and Rebecca Tampio from Finland.

The conference was finally rounded off with special session of prayer for Nigeria, as Apostle Odeneye called on Nigerias to humble themselves, and prayed that Nigeria would not be ridiculed and humiliated.

“O Lord, rise for Nigeria, we plead for mercy, as we come against all evils against the people of Nigeria, Boko Haram, herdsmen, kidnappers, armed robbers, poverty, unemployment, ethnicism and several problems affecting Nigeria,” prayed Apostle Odeneye.

The programme came to a close with the marking of Apostle (Dr.) Henry Abayomi Odeneye who was a year older on Sunday July 4, 2021.

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