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With the coming and ravaging effect of the global pandemic also known as Covid-19, it has been postulated that it has been a way of God calling the people of the world to righteousness.

Making this assertion in a global message is the General Overseer of Emmanuel Apostolic Church, Ijesatedo in Lagos, Nigeria in person of Rev. Michael Oluwatuyi. Rev Oluwatuyi pointed out that the whole world has been bedevilled with all manners of sins that were worse than the days of Noah, and therefore the pandemic was a way to show that God was still very active in the affairs of His creature.

Drawing his example from that of Noah who was singled out by God to correct the problem of the world in his days, the cleric said there was flood because God was very angry of the characters and behaviour of man.

“By the time God called Noah, He was already annoyed for creating man. God was annoyed because of the evil the people did”. “We can even say now that the evil of our days are worse than the days of Noah. In our own time people kill one another for ritual, and for the love of money with wickedness in all areas of our life. This is what Apostle Paul called the perilous time.

“In our own days too, we are making merry, eating and drinking, many people are enjoying themselves, people are just after making money and getting wealthy without thinking of their creator, or even death.”

The man of God noted that before the flood, God called Noah who sent the message from God to the people without yielding until the flood came. But God singled Noah and His family out, and all animals that received the same favour from God.

“In the same way God is calling us all to repentance. God wants us to do away with the devil and its handwork. God is using all that are happening around the world like coronavirus to call people to righteousness. It is a warning for our time like this.”

Earlier, Rev. Oluwatuyi through a message tagged The Voice of God on Covid-19, has warned the world to repent and return to God noting that Covid-19 would not leave the earth until the people come to repentance and return to God.

He said “This is what Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, the ancient of days says about Covid-19. He said that Covid19 will not leave the world until the people of the world come and bow before Him”, explaining further that “If any nation or people call upon Him for the peace and healing of their land, He said He would listen to their prayers and heal their land.

“God said all Christians should not relax or relent their efforts physically and spiritually, and should be vigilant to await the second coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus is coming soon,” he emphasized.

He therefore reiterated that only those who call on the name of the Lord in the days of trouble shall be saved. He explained, “In a time like this when the Church is placed under the control of government, we need to earnestly seek the face of God. Whatever would remove our eyes from focusing on God and not to be righteous should be avoided.

“The world has turned to the days of Noah and we need to be watchful as children of God. As all the beautiful things of the days of Noah did not distract him we should not look back also. Let us as children of God serve Him in truth and in Spirit to continue to wait for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the ark of salvation. We must prepare to enter it,” he concluded.

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