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Friday 26th November, 2021, was a day with Rev. Sunday Gabriel Adeyemo, the minister in charge of Christ Baptist Church who turned 60 years, as he was joined by families, fellow ministers, friends and well wishers to celebrate the milestone in his life.

The well wishers were all in the main auditorium of Christ Baptist Church, Alimoso to honour the child of the day.
The list included fellow ministers of God, family members, close associates and Church members who were there to pour encomiums of the celebrant.

From 80 year old Mama Babatunde was that Rev. Adeyemo was a good shepherd sent to Christ Baptist as a Church.
Rev. Adeyemo she said was a good teacher who is well versed in the word of God, using the word of God and prayer to fight our life battles.

Rev. Adeyemo was also seen as a very amiable minister of God who makes himself available to all who care to see him.
“I have never met him with harsh words. You always see him laughing. He is a man of many parts, of prayers, he is a teacher of the word, an organist, he is a man of peace, and an experienced counsellor,” noted Mr. Ajayi, also a parishioner.

One of the testifiers was Mrs. Olanike Ajala, one of his Church members way back in Ilero, Oyo State where Rev. Adeyemo had earlier served as a minister of God.

She described Rev. Adeyemo as loving, kind and accommodating. “I am one of his members from Ilero who grew through his teachings and ministry. He has listening ears. He can play and be serious in times of ministration. Many people used to think he is a native of Ilero, and God used him immensely for the people in the areas of healing and prayers,” recalling how God used Rev. Adeyemo sometimes to heal and revive a mad man in Ilero.

Another Church member appreciated the life of contentment being lived by the celebrant, saying, “He is a blessing to us in this Church. God answers our prayers through him. He is contented and humble showing he is a true man of God, when he prays God answers.”

To Emmanuel, his first son, “Father is not only a good footballer but a very strong and committed sports enthusiast.” Rev. Adeyemo was reputed to be a good football player in the days of his youth.

“Daddy is a good and consistent learner. He knows something about everything, and that spirit of always trying to know and learn is inbuilt in him. He is not only teachable but he makes himself available for learning.”

To Deborah, the celebrant’s daughter, “Daddy is a cheerful giver. He doesn’t condemn but corrects with love. He is a disciplinarian, and that has been an asset to us wherever we find ourselves as his children.

“I want to thank God for his kind. He is very patient. He is never tired of saying sorry. He is a man of prayer,” said Mrs Adeyemo, the celebrant’s wife.

One of the guest ministers was Rev. Adigun who admonished that Life is a Journey quoting from Exodus 40. 34-38, said “the way we see life is the way we handle it.”

According to him different people see life differently.
“Some see life as sweet. Some people see life as a war or battle ground. Those people are always ready to fight and struggle for everything, and that manifests in their works and even marriage. They are always aggressive. They are mostly trouble makers, they can cause problems everywhere and they are everywhere.”
He continued, “There is also the second group. Such see life as a competition, and all they think is about winning, or about who comes first or last in a thing.”

According to him, “competition is one of the problems we have in Nigeria today, and why politicians keep on moving from one party to the other, and that is why people don’t complement one another, even in the Church. In the Church we still find competition and unhealthy rivalry among members.

“Of course there is group three, and this group see life a market place thinking that their sole mission is to buy and sell, to such an extent that, even in Jerusalem many pilgrims go there basically for shopping, marketing, and buying and selling rather than devoting good time to prayers and the word of God.

For the forth group, life is like a drama. They see life as a place of drama. They are comedians and most of them take life with levity.

Congratulating the celebrant, the preacher urged the celebrant to learn new lessons from the journey of life.
“For Rev. Adeyemo, another journey has started today. Every minister of God deserves to listen but with discerning spirit. It is time to develop the spirit of discernment.

“As the journey continues, do not take any action when the instruction is not from God, but where God leads, follow. Always wait for the signal for you to take another step in life. Look unto God, be focused and have your working agenda. Don’t see yourself as too old to learn, you are just at the half of your age. Set your priorities right, the mind is always fresh but the flesh is weak.

As you are not growing younger learn to delegate, do not allow anything to frustrate or disturb you, do what you can do and enjoy the best, and look unto God to provide for all your needs.” Anything that is the will of God keep on doing it, run away from stress and depression. Our assignment is to serve God with all our strength and resources,” praying that Rev. Adeyemo would continue to see more of God’s favour.

Rev. Adeyemo, the celebrant in his vote of thanks expressed his appreciation to God for making the day a reality, and for God to have counted him worthy of celebrating 60 years.

“I can say I am the luckiest man in the year 2021. God has a way of relating with me every 10 years of my birth.
“I was born in 1961 on a Sunday afternoon. In 1971 I was almost swept by a stream. In 1981 I lost my father while I was in the secondary school. I lost my father on January 6, and I passed out of school in June.

“In 1991, I was wrongfully arrested during an industrial crisis. I was one of the 77 men arrested that police wanted to kill. I spent 16 days in police cell without knowing anything.

“In 2001, the Lord gave me Deborah, and took me from Oke Ogun, Oyo State to Lagos. It is only God that can do it. One wonders how all these happen after 10 years.”

Rev. Adeyemo also thanked the members and leaders of his Church Christ Baptist Church, Alimoso for the supports and understanding to have kept him for good 12 years without any major crisis, saying “God has given us the grace to work together without any misunderstanding.

Present at the service were Mrs. Aigbogun from Akoko, Deaconess Afolayan, Deaconess Ajala from Ilero, Rev. Ajadi, Rev. Segun Alabi, Prince Ademigbuji, a foremost broadcaster, Chief Mrs Atoki, Chief Mrs Oyetunde and the Master of Ceremony Evangelist Olayimika Babs (Atabatubu), and a host of others.

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