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It was celebration galore on Sunday August 14, 2022 as CAC Mount of Victory, Kosofe Districts Coordinating Council headquarters played host to dignitaries, past ministers, and friends and well-wishers as they celebrated the 50 years of the founding of the Church.

It was a celebration that had some past ministers including the retired Superintendent of Babajide Region, Pastor M.A. Ogundeji, the Past Superintendent of Abuja DCC, Pastor M. O. Olatunde, and the current Superintendent of the Akinyele Region, Pastor S. A. Adedayo who have at one time or the other served as Pastors of the Church.

The service began in earnest at the arrival of Akinyele Regional Superintendent, Pastor Adedayo, who moved in to join other guests for the historic service.

Host Minister, Pastor Gideon Obiwale, welcoming Pastor Olatunde Retired to the event
Pastor Obiwale welcomes Pastor S.A. Adedayo, Akinyele Regional Superintendent, and a former Minister in the Church

In his welcome address, the host Pastor and the Superintendent of the DCC, Pastor Gideon Obiwale, after appreciating God for all he had done for the Church and its people extended his appreciation to the founding fathers and past ministers of the church.

He said, “My appreciation goes to all who are part of this success story, starting from CAC Adegboyega where the Church planting idea came from, all the foundation members that are still alive, the families of those who have gone to be with the Lord, the family of the first minister of this great assembly, all ministers that God has used in this great assembly, the members and ministers that were involved in the transition process from Oke Alaafia to Oke Isegun, those who are financial supporters, professionals involved in the completion of this glorious auditorium, and all those who are involved in the progress of this great assembly till date,” praying that God’s best shall not elude them and their families.

Pastor Obiwale who also appreciated members of the anniversary committee also took the advantage to welcome the Special ‘August Visitors’ at the service.

Admonishing the congregation, the host minister noted that God had been good to the church as His hand of help was working with them, adding that “The rest years ahead will form another season of lifting for all and those who will join in supporting our ‘father’s business.’ ”

Elder Abiodun Bakare, the Chairman of the Anniversary Committee, in his remark noted that the Church has been blessed with very committed Ministers, Elders, Deaconesses, Choristers, Ushers and Daddies and Mummies in the Lord as well as workers and members, and he expressed his appreciation to all of them for their unquantifiable supports and contributions.

He also expressed his appreciation to the current Host Minister and the DCC Superintendent, in person of Pastor Gideon Obiwale, who “with his God-given, prophetic, evangelical and pastoral gifts have been a blessing to the Church, in this his short period of joining us.”

Elder Bakare also disclosed that the church had a project on hand, “We are trusting God for and encouraging everyone to support. Mentioned was the plan to purchase a new Church bus at a cost of 20 million Naira.

He took the advantage to ask for more prayers for Nigeria saying, “Our Church, families and Nigeria need our prayers. We must not give up. We are in end times, a lot is going on out there. But with our commitment to prayers, we and our households will not lack any good thing in Jesus mighty name.”

Church Choir

In his sermon for the Pastor S.A. Adedayo, the Superintendent of CAC Akinyele Region, and a former pastor of the Church, speaking on the theme of the celebration, To God Be The Glory @ 50, defined giving praise as showing appreciation for what has been received, or of certain benefits.
Using King David as an example in the restoration of the Ark of Covenant, he noted four main points reflecting in David’s attitude for praising God, and concluded that it was by the Ark of Covenant that God used to distinguish the Israelites from others.

“This is an example of the living Christ among us, and we are here to give glory to God for all He has done for us as a people of His Choice.”

On the importance of celebrating 50 years of the Church, the Regional Superintendent noted that the journey of 50 years was not a joke and people should all be happy to come and show their appreciation to God.

“Ordinary lip is not enough to praise God. As you praise God, bring good offerings to God. This is a way to do special thanksgiving, as we worship God in His holiness.

He was quick to share with the congregation the need to live a holy life and do away with sins.

“What kind of offering do you bring to God? What is the source of the substance in your hand? People are worshipping God truly but should not do so in sin. Sin makes God to distance himself from sinners. God wants us to worship Him in His holiness, with holy life, pure heart and good substance. It is the presence of God we are celebrating today.
As a major part of the event was presentation of awards of honours to some distinguished persons, among which were past ministers, and living and dead members.

Among the beneficiaries were Pastor M.O. Ogundeji, Pastor M.O. Olatunde, Pastor S.A. Adedayo, and the immediate past minister, Pastor Goodness Miller. Others included the Baba Ijo Pa Brown, Deaconess C.Y. Bamisaiye, as post humous awards were presented to the families of Pastor F. B. Aiyedibe, Pastor N.A. Omopariola, and Deaconess J.A. Banjo.

Presentation of Awards
Pastor Ogundeji, Retired Regional Superintendent Receives Award

In the 50 years, CAC Oke Isegun has grown in leaps and bounds. The Church started as CAC Oke Alaafia in 1972. The Church had to change its name to CAC Oke Isegun when it moved to its present site art 17, Amoo Street, Ojota.
CAC Oke Isegun has also made tremendous progress over the years. The Church has transited from being an assembly to a district and now a DCC headquarters.

The Church has also birthed new assemblies, some have become Zones, some Districts, and the Church still continues to plant more branches.

Present at the celebration were special guests like Pastor J.O. Igbokwe, who was there with his wife, Prophet Pakuta, Pastor Oyebanji, Pastor M.O. Bamise, Pastor David Oladapo, Pastor Adedokun, Pastor Obembe, Pastor Afolabi, Pastor Oluwatoye. Also in attendance were the curates, Pastors Yinka Adeniyi and Matthew Ojo, and the Midwife, Evangelist (Mrs) R. O. Eluyemi. Among the Special Guests of the day were Dr. Michael Adebayo as chairman and Mrs. Kehinde Ambode as Chairperson.

Mama Obiwale, Mama Adedayo and Mama Ogundeji

The Thanksgiving Service and the Church Anniversary was put together by an Anniversary Committee led by Elder Abiodun Bakare as Chairman, Deaconesss A. O. Akingbade as Vice Chairman, Mr. Adekunbi Isaac as Secretary, Mrs Ajayi Remigious as Treasurer, and Mrs. Ayankoya Olanike as Financial Secretary, was rounded off with Special thanksgiving session and cutting of the anniversary cake.

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