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In view of the lockdown associated with the the Coronavirus global pandemic, this year’s Children’s Harvest of the Celestial Church of Christ will hold as planned but it will come with the current global practice by which Church services hold online via social media.

The Children’s harvest comes up on every first Sunday in June, and this year’s event comes up on Sunday 7th June 2020.

The statement has it in line with “The proclamation dated 22nd of May 2020 regarding the Juvenile Harvest remains as it is.

“The Pastor will be praying for the children by 12 noon Nigerian time on Sunday 7th June, 2020 through the official social media platforms.”

“While urging members to be patient, the statement added, “We are making critical analysis on the given protocols by the government, and how the Church’s mode of worship will fit into it. Therefore the Pastor is mandating every parish to exercise patience for the next two weeks so we can find a way to conform with the new development.”

Concluding, the Church assured members that they would align with all government position where their dioceses were situated.

“Hence we implore all our members to adhere to the protocols of their respective governments regarding this covid -19 pandemic.”

Earlier the church had tinkered with the idea of holding the harvest within the Church building when the federal government announced a relaxation before the harvest day.

But as Lagos State has postponed its reopening date till June 21st, the Church has to return to the original plan.

The Chairman of the task force, Boss Mustapha, had announced that President Muhammadu Buhari had approved the relaxation of the ban on places of worship for four weeks. The ban on religious gatherings by Nigeria government had lasted for two months, as a move to check the spread of the corona virus.

Already Reverend EMF Oshoffa Supreme Head & Pastor CCC W/W have advised parishes of the Church all over the world to observe the harvest in accordance to the instructions put in place by the government of the country they are in.

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