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All works and no play, people say makes Jack a dull boy. It was against this background that DPKC Preparatory and Primary Education School set aside a day to allow the pupils to play and have funs among themselves. So it was a day of super funs both for the students and their teachers as well as parents who had the time to be part of the show.

It was held within the premises of the school at 5, Owofunmi Street, of Erinle area of Aiyetoro, Itele, in Ogun State. The pupils were all filed out on a special character day dedicated for the pupose of creating funs and variety shows for the children.

So they were well and perfectly dressed in the costumes of various cartoon characters they watch in movies and foreign drama.

Some were dressed in the likes of Superman, Dairy Porter, Captain America, Black Pantha, Power rangers, Iron Man and Bat Man while others showed themselves in Indian Prince and Princess Costumes, High School Students and Old School Musician, Cat Woman and Magician, with different names and tags.

Other Characters featured were Sofia, Barbie, Cindarella, Snowhite, Lady Bug, Ballerinas, Mermaid and as Superman.

Speaking in a brief chat with PTL News, the Director of Studies, Mrs Oladimeji Ogunmolawa Taiwo aka Grandma said it was their own way of adding something new to the young pupils.

“Some schools organise cultural day, this is one way we use to allow the students to have access to the different characters they watch on their various televisions and films, and we believe it would help to develop their cognitive imagination. It is also another way of promoting our school.

“It is also a way to enlighten the pulpils about the cartoons and animations they watch at home. It is about knowing more about the characters which they are well familiar with.

They did not only see those characters but they performed the acts of the characters. There was also enough food and refreshments to go round the pulpils with candy floss and chocolate to enjoy themselves.

Another aspect of the Character show the rendering of songs associated with the characters performed by the pulpils.

Later in another chat some of the pulpils expressed their excitement and enjoyment of the day of fun of the Character Day.

Chioma Oyinbe a five year old Basic 1said she enjoyed the fun and she was able to pick some interests in the characers. “I got experience watching Barbie Doll. I enjoyed seeing the animations for real,” she said, and to Eze David a Basic 3 eight years old pulpil, “I learnt how to be a real life Iron man, as a man that fights and defends others. I am happy to have the experience.”

Rounding off the Director of Studies said it was a way making the children happy and to learn how to care for themselves and one another. It was very obvious that the children really enjoyed the day, as they were looking forward to another in not long a time.

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