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One year after the transition of the Adegeebo Couple, all is set by the church and members of their immediate family to hold a one year befitting memorial for their fallen Pastor and his better half.

Recall that on between August 30 and September 20 last year Christ Apostolic Church, Olorunsogo District lost its founder Pastor Daniel Atilade Adegeeebo and his beloved wife, Evangelist Mrs. Elizabeth Titilayo Adegeebo in quick succession of a 20 days’ gap.

In the death which has looked like a mystery to many the wife was the first to pass on and was followed 20 days later by the husband.

Preparatory to this one year memorial, PTL News was at the church which is being supervised by the first son, Pastor Dare Adegeebo who alongside the Church Patron and Matron, Elder Popoola and Mrs Ibrahim shared the memories of the departed leaders, one year after their transition.

Contrary to what usually happens in many churches with a similar experience, the trio confirmed it has been peace, love and progress in all the ramifications of the church.

“We thank God that the Church has been in peace, increasing in leaps and bounds, spiritually and numerically,” testified Pastor Dare, adding that, “With the transition of Baba, the works of God in the Church has not stopped. The call of Baba Adegeebo is still working, the church has been growing, new members are coming and old members as well are returning. It has been a celebration of one love in Christ.”

This was also corroborated by the Church Matron, Deaconess Esther Ibrahim, adding that God has been proving His presence in the Church in the last one year. According to her, there have been great manifestations of the power of God, with miracles and testimonies. “Some of our children here have been receiving favour from the Lord with foreign travels without any stress, and they are all doing fine in their countries of relocation. It happened when they least expected,” affirmed Deaconess Ibrahim.

Also adding his own views, the Church Patron (Baba Ijo), Elder Akintola Popoola said, “Our works and projects in the church have been on the increase. The church has been growing and expanding. Baba began the works on the Pastors’ mission house and we have taken it beyond what Baba left it. Works have also continued in the Children’s Church. We thank God for all that.”

Mama Ijo continued, “When the founders died in the way it happened, we were first afraid, but God has proved that He is in His Church, and He has been leading us. In some other churches there are cases where a member dies and it shakes the church but in our own case, God has been strengthening His Church. We have been increasing with four more branches after their death. Though it came as a shock, we were still able to forge on.

“Baba was a very honest person who served God with all his energy. He was not physically rich but if you gave him money to eat he would use it for the work of God. He liked the word of God more than food. He was ever ready to feed you with the word of God, with a popular saying of ‘Open the book, Si Iwe yen,’ meaning Open the bible. He would not mind not to eat for any member not to eat.”

Baba Ijo has this to say, “Since I knew him he was not taking salary till his death. All he was concerned with was to plant church. He would always use any money he received and tie it down to a project.”

“For the wife, popularly called Iya Agbebi, (the Midwife) she was a very strong pillar to her husband. If there is any man doing well, search out for the wife,” said Mama Ibrahim. “Mama related with everybody as members of the same family, the children played together without any discrimination. Anytime the church closed many of our members would go there and she would make sure she had something for them to eat.

“The problems of the members were their problems, spiritually in prayers and counselling, physically and materially until they saw the solution to the problem, they would not leave you alone.

“For my husband who is even a muslim, Pastor would never leave him without his care and assistance in prayers. Anytime he fell sick or if anything happened he would bring out money or anything we needed to assist to help us out.

“He was instrumental to always repairing the road from the filling station at the main road to the church. We can liken him to an angel in human form.”

Recalling the fond memories he has of his father, Pastor Dare would never forget Pastor Adegeebo as a father. He said, “Baba loved the children and every member. He was a lover of the gospel and soul winning, anytime, anywhere especially all over Aboru here.

“We thank God that it has all been peace and progress after their departure. Administratively, there is no fight, no misunderstanding and whatever we say would be agreed by all.

The Church programmes have been going on course on regular basis with Holy Ghost Night, Sacrament Sunday on every second Sunday of the month, Youths’ meeting on Second Sunday, and District Women’s meeting holds on third Sunday, as CACMA night holds every First Friday of the month. Other programmes of the Church are Maku Prayer Against Sudden Death, Tuesday Programme  for pregnant women between 8 and 11.00am, and Wednesday’s Good Women Fellowship.

After the departure of Pastor Adegeebo a special water for healing has been provided for healing all manners of ailments. “This was initially declared before Baba died, and was later confirmed by two other guest ministers who came for revival after Baba. The money could be fetched anytime of the day, and it has been a good healing relief to many people within and outside the church,” chorused the Church officials.

As part of the one year memorial service for Pastor and Evangelist Mrs. Adegeebo, the Church will also be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Church.

The 30th Anniversary celebration kicks off on Sunday 8th October with the Sunday Service between 9.00 and 11.30 am. It continues with revival from Monday 9th to Friday 13th October, 2023. The celebration holds on Saturday 14th October, and it will be rounded off with thanksgiving on Sunday 15th October. The celebration will also feature a special medical Sunday on 22nd October 2023 between 9.00 and 11.30 am.

All programmes hold within the Church premises 64/66, Tokunbo Oliyide Street, Aboru, Off Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos State.

Among anointed ministers expected to be at the event are notable music ministers, ministers of the word and powerful prayer ministers of God. The list includes Pastor Sunday Adegeebo, Pastor Adeyemo, aka Akasu Adura, Pastor Peter Oniwinde, Pastor Akinsanya and Pastor Olufemi. Also listed are renown ministers like Pastor Joseph, Pastor Akorewolu, Ododo Eye, Pastor Kay, Pastor Adepoju, hosting is Pastor Oluwadare Adegeebo aka Baba Sioni.

The church is blessed with supportive members, pastors and elders who are always up without holding the works left by the Adegeebos with levity.

Apart from Pastor Oluwadamilare Adegeebo, the Church parades the likes of Pastor Joseph Fabiyi, Elder Akintola Popoola as Baba Ijo, Patron, Deaconess Esther Ibrahim as Iya Ijo, Matron, Deaconess H.A. Adewuyi, Assistant Matron, Deaconess Ogundele, Children’s Matron, Bro Seyi Kolawole, Youth Leader, Bro Samuel Adaje Choirmaster, Elder S.B. Oyewole, Church Secretary, Elder Phillip Ovie Financial Secretary, Evang. Mrs. Ayodele as Iya Agbebi and Elder Gabriel Awodibu as Head Usher.

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