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CAC Oke Iyanu Itire DCC headquarters is deeply in celebration mood as the programmes leading to the 60th anniversary celebration of the church holds in earnest.

The land mark event according to the DCC Superintendent and Senior Pastor in Charge, Pastor Gideon Olusegun Oladokun, would be held in grand style. We are determined to celebrate it with different activities.

The preparations have started in with Church painting, the church has been wearing a new look.

The landmark event was kicked off with a powerful revival with Prophet J.B. Kumoluyi of The Word Bible Church, Ketu as the Guest Speaker. It was held for two days between Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November, 2023 at 6-8.00am on Saturday and continued at the service on Sunday.

Pastor Oladokun explained, “By the grace of God we will celebrate it with two weeks. That will kick off a two-week celebration from Monday 13th through Sunday, 26th November, 2023. First week, will feature revival, with Prophet Towoeni for a week. It will be followed by another week of activities featuring, what we call Heroes Day on Monday, when we will remember all the saints and our deceased members that were gone in the church, we will remember and name them one by one, as many as we can remember. It’s going to be a time of sober reflection when we will sing hymns and songs like wake keep.

Tuesday, November 21, there will be Choir Concert at 6.00pm featuring Church Choir, Choir of youth, children, Good Women and Gospel Music Artistes and Ministers.

On Wednesday 22nd, it will be a night of debate, symposium and history of the church on how the church started in 1963. By God’s grace we will invite living patriarchs and matriarchs, interview them and talk them to share their stories about the foundation stories of the church.

It will be Praise Night on Thursday 23rd, when we will have various gospel singers and musicians, featuring the likes of Sister Exhalter, Taiwo Ojodu, Olumide Iyun, from Canada, Jude Oladokun Sax, Evang. Wale and co, from 10.00pm to 4.00aam. It will be a time for praises to God.

It will be part of our activities to showcase the church and show the people that the church has been growing in leaps and bounds. According to our records, about 500 assemblies have grown out of Itire Church, and ministers of God that have been produced by the church and about 1,500 among which was Dr. Bola Akin-John who died recently. We thank God for his life. He touched many lives. He was a lover of the Church worldwide. We have our father Pastor M. A. Adeoye, Retired, he is a father to many of us.   

Friday 24, is going to be free day and preparation for the grand finale which is Saturday 25th.  We decided to hold it on Saturday because we are expecting important dignitaries including the President of CAC Pastor S. O. Oladele who is going to be the preacher of the day. That is going to be a great preparation. In preparation for it we have customized a bible in English and in Yoruba by the Bible Society of Nigeria. It has been in people’s houses and hands.

We believe God is going to be there and we hope we are going to see the hand of God, people will be blessed, sinners will be saved and there will be saved and there will be deliverance. There will be showers of blessings and we are expecting people all over since the inception of the church. We have invited all our members since the inception of the Church, and we hope many people that are not formally invited will hear about it and join us in the celebration.


We are known for revival in the church here. The church is known for revival which has always been on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Every day is revival in the church. The church is full of programmes. Our people here love God, they love evangelism and that is why they have many branches and trained many evangelists and pastors. We have become father to DCCs and Zones. We are known for a good choir so much that people come from all walks of life to be part of their concerts and orchestra.

They used to take orchestra to outside Lagos. Many big ministers have been here for programmes, for prayers and crusades. Miracles, signs and wonders are synonymous with CAC Itire.


We hope to write the history of the church and publish it. It may come out on the grand finale day where we are going to have pictures of so many people that have passed through the Church, including the past heroes and heroines. We have the history and picture of the church configured in the bible. We have sold so many copies now. The people love it and more are still available for sale at N3000 only.

We are still going to make available vests which we will wear on Thursday during the concert.


By the grace of God we bought property near the church. We are going to paint it the same colour. We are thinking of demolishing the church for a bigger structure in the future with car park in the ground floor.


We should not forget our heroes. Everyone has his or her heroes in the faith most importantly our heroes in the faith, those who have suffered persecution spent their time and money for the gospel. We should be emulating leaders like Baba Ben Okpaise as one of the people that started the church to bring their records to reckoning. We should celebrate them. We should do whatever God has given us to do that, the coming generation should enjoy Christ.

Appointment of Elders

We will appoint new elders, deacons and deaconesses as part of the thanksgiving service. 13 of them will be appointed to mark the 60th anniversary of the church.

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