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Pastor Lawrence Akinloye Ikorodu is the Superintendent of CAC Ikorodu, and he also oversees Evangelism in Akinyele Region of the Church covering Lagos and Ogun States. Recently PTL News was in his office where he shared some fond lessons of the Covid -19 and its accompanying lockdown, concluding on the lessons other ministers of God could learn and how to move the Church of God forward.
“By Covid -19 God wanted us to know more of His Power. The Bibles says no trouble enters the city without God knowing. Covid -19 did not take faith from us, it did not take away evangelism it rather created means and rooms for evangelism.
“God used it to bring closer families which had almost separated or hitherto had been living like strange bed fellows. After Covid -19 there is the grace for us to know more and understand the gospel. God wanted to use Covid -19 to birth revival. It is an endtime thing. It happened every where all over the world. God permitted it so as for people to know the word of God.
“It teaches us that we should intensify evangelism. After Covid-19 we know there is no peace and security in the world which points to the fact that Christ is coming again, and that should be our expectations as Christians. It teaches us that this is the best time to proclaim the gospel and the message of the second coming of Jesus Christ to gain the hearts of the people. As children of God our belief should be in the divine protection of the Lord.
After Covid -19 lockdown, Pastor Akinloye also explained what should be the duties and responsibilities of Christians as well as ministers of God in the field of soul winning and evangelism saying, “Covid-19 has gone and our next role is to allow people to know about Christ as the Lord and their saviour.”
On what plans and what he has on ground to move the Church in Lagos and Ogun States towars evangelism and soul winning, the cleric who believed that soul winning was a continuous execise said, “Preparation for evangelism is to prepare for revival and we than God this is what CAC is known for. To that effect we thank God that we have the General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji who is in charge, and he is very ready to till new grounds. Very soon the General Evangelist will be in Abeokuta and Lagos States. Revivals are going on in our various Churches and prayer camps. God has raised good people for the end time revival in the Church.”
Presently Pastor Akinloye is leading his Church, Christ Apostolic Church, Alabukun Assembly, of 12, Towolawi Close, off CAC Road, Benson Bus Stop in a Seven Prophetic Sundays Revival, with the theme I Will Do A New Thing.
“One of our on going programmes is our Seven Prophetic Sundays in our Church here, and every Wednesday there are prayers on our mountain at Bagidan camp here in Ikorodu and it has been attracting participants from far and wide with God meeting their needs.”
On the current spate of insecurity in Nigeria, “the Bible says God is our refuge and protection. This is a time of tribulation for the people, so much that to walk on the road now is even a problem. It is a problem of the end time. But God knows about all things.
“For anyone that is close to God now is to put him or herself under the protection of God. Nothing can be said by any pastor or prophet now but to know that by the grace of God there will be divine protection.”
Pastor Akinloye also has his words for the new leaders in CAC. He said, “On the new set of leaders in CAC, we thank God for all those that God has chosen for us. We know the president as a preacher of the word. With his ministration things will change both within the Church and all over the world, because he is a well respected and endowed leader. The General Superintendent Pastor E.O. Odejobi is a man of prayer, and a man of integrity. With the present team we are expecting the end time revival. God is restoring the Church to the good old days of our forefathers. What we are expecting is for the fire of the Holy Ghost to be ignited. With the three at the helms of affairs of CAC, revivals, miracles and turn around shall take place in our own time.”

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