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Apostle Olusola Adedeji is the General Overseer of El-Shaddai Mountain of Power and Miracles Church with the headquarters in Ilaramokin, near Akure, Ondo State capital. He is a no nonsense unassuming man of God that various governments and governors in Ondo State would not joke with when he speaks the mind of his God. He was at the Lagos branch of his Church recently when he spoke with PTL News publisher on variety of issues.

Nigerian is a country most loved by God but most of Nigerian Church leaders have derailed they are no more on their original assignments. Most problems faced by many Church leaders is that they actually start very well. But as they make money and get fame, they easily forget the spiritual side of it and they begin to pursue money and associate with non-believers and compare themselves with them. Like they go and set up schools, publishing of books, at the end of the day they lose focus and forget the main reason why they are called. Money remains the root of all evils. With this instead of the church to attract and grow those who have the fear of God all they would be attracting would be robbers, and many of those in their various departments would be thinking of how to make money and they begin to steal.
You will also discover that most of the so called mission schools we have in Nigeria, about 95% of their lecturers are said to be pastors, how do they have time for their sheep?
Number 2, most of the Christian leaders are selfish. They centre on money and their family. Many of those churches you see now, at the point of their registration had other names not their family members but as time went on they tried to smuggle in the name of their wives and children. With that God would leave such a place.
Many Christians have lost their privileges. During the time of Elijah and Elisha, the prophets were the ones controlling the economy of Samaria, they sat in the house and they were in control of the things and the people. But most of our prophets and pastors today have oil wells and take contracts from governments. How do you expect them to speak the truth to those in government?
The kings then that represented the presidents of today would come and kneel down before the prophet to hear from God through them, but that doesn’t happen again. Then prophets had solution to human and nation’s problems because they did not lose their glory, but today, most of our so called religious leaders have lost their glory. Because of that they can no longer say the truth and the nation is in darkness.
On December 29 last year when I was praying on what would happen to Nigeria in the New Year God showed me Nigeria with very deep darkness. Then I asked where were our Churches? I mentioned three of our big Churches God said I don’t know them. Those three Churches I mentioned, none of them would have nothing less than 50 branches in Lagos, God said I don’t know them. They are no more like they started.
When the head is in problem every part of the body is in problem. When the leaders of the church lose their glory what can the members do?
There was a time the traditional ruler of my town begged me to joined CAN- the Christian Association of Nigeria when the pressure was too much I accepted and I was made the Chairman. I did not spend up to a year when I resigned when I could not cope with them. Most of them are not Christians, and these are the Pastors we expect to be praying for the nation, the prayer of the sinner is an abomination to God. So it is the Christian that complicate Nigerian problems, because they have lost their privileges. The problem with Nigeria today is that those of us who bear the light who are supposed to show the way are blind we have lost our spiritual light. How can we show the way? Many of our or called prophecies are mere guessings and permutations. When a Pastor builds a swimming pool and asks people to come and bathe with fifty thousand naira. How much did they pay at the pool of Bethsaida? If you call that new pool of Bethsaida and people pay N50, 000 will God be happy about that? That is what is happening. CAN, PFN and those other bodies are the problems of Nigeria.
People cite Turkey, it was evangelized by Paul but all that he left to continue the work had polluted the place, that we now have 95% of the people as muslims today We will all give account when we get to heaven.

Is there any solution to this Northern, Eastern problem we have in Nigeria?

I have said this early this year that we should pray against civil war in Nigeria. Because I saw that some people gathered themselves in group and later it turned to civil wars, inter ethnic or tribal war. The worst of it is that we don’t know who is fighting who? It’s like you have many children fighting for the belongings of their father. Like the father has a plantation for cocoa, one for yam and the other maize, it’s like each of them want to break loose and divide the heritage but the family head comes from the least disadvantaged, and insists they must stay together. If care is not taken Nigeria would divide this year, by civil war.

One expects solution from spiritual leaders like you sir.

That is our problem. there is no religion in Nigeria. Call it Muslim, it has been polluted, mention Christianity, it has been polluted even the traditional religion, it has been seriously messed up. Civilization has neutralized everything. I heard of the death of the man that started alternative therapy, Oko Oloyun, abi as a traditionalist, did you expect him to be killed by gun bullets? Not in the days of the fathers. Forget about it, there is no religion in Nigeria any more. In the days of the father you could not kill a herbalist by gun shot.
One time in our town the occultic people said they sprayed the road by demonic influence and that nobody should cross it, when I got there they said I should not cross it, the traditionalists were running away from the spot, the alhajis were running away, I asked for their faith and I got there, I packed my car and said if truly God had called me, I crossed it and decreed before I came back that the perpetrator should die and before I came back the man who spread it had died, and they said he would have allowed me to go before he poured his charms on the ground. That is what we call somebody is having a religion. We are on zero level in Nigeria. There is no Muslim, no Christian and no traditionalists in Nigeria. They have all eaten taboos.

With the situation now, what is the way out?

The way out, the bible says if my people that are called by my name can repent and turn away from their sins, that is the most difficult thing for Nigeria. If Nigeria can repent and turn away from their sins, the bloodshed. cheating and corruption, I want to tell you or, if we can see seven Pastors without blemish who can come together with one voice, united in the spirit and pray for Nigeria for one night, like the prayer of Daniel there would be a turnaround for Nigeria. But do we have seven Pastors in Nigeria that are truly born again without any evil thought against one another? I don’t think so.
We once heard of a prominent Nigerian Pastor (name withheld) that has an encounter with an old man who asked God about how many of the congregation had salvation, and he replied it was only God that could know, but the man said those with salvation were just three, and the man began to wonder. Who told you that the G. O. was born again or the wife? What about those Pastors who believe their ministries or Church should not be inherited by non members of their family?. Are those men of God?
It was recorded that some of the disciples who were brothers to Jesus came to him to request that they wanted to be on his right and left hands, but Jesus said only God knew. As for me you can’t see my wife or children’s name on the board of trustees if my Church after me they may choose to disorganise things. It is left to them.
How many people are ready to do what the spirit of God wants us to do? The solution to this is to repent and it will take the mercy of God for those who think they have been enjoying their work. It will be very difficult.
When the late Governor (Olusegun) Agagu was alive they invited me to one Christian Leaders committee in Ondo State, I was not part of them but they deliberately invited me that there was a security report that trouble wanted to enter Ondo state and we were called together to pray. I saw it as a call to duty and I accepted. They said the governor had released some amount of money for all those who would be part of it and they were discussing how they wanted to share it. I then raised my hand and said I would not like to be part of them. They wanted to collect money before they prayed for the state. I asked them if they could withstand gunshot without getting killed. I did not join them. They later sent to me to bring my passport that they wanted to send us overseas, I refused to join them, but many of us collected it but I rejected it. We give God all the glory, do you know what happened? The hall which they were kept was destroyed by fire. Many so called Christian leaders have missed the way.
When Governor Mimiko was also there…. Do you know Deacon Abraham? He was the one I sent to him when he was the minister to tell him he would be our next governor in Ondo State I told him to fast for seven days. He told me he had fasted for five days that he could not complete it. I told him that he would suffer two years for the two days. After the election he waited for two years before the case was delivered in his favour. I was the first person he called when he was declared winner by the court. When he came back he said he wanted to begin Praise Night. I was invited. God told me he was a spiritualist that I should not go to him. I went to him and told him that God said he was not His child. I did not attend for a day. I was never enticed by the money he gave them. It is by the grace of God that one succeeds in life.
So if we want to talk about pastors today, one can ask if we still have pastors. If any of our so called pastors, the prominent ones today says anything against Buhari and he is arrested would they not renege in their faith in God? Some of them are carried away by political interests. If Nigeria must change we Christians must wake up from our slumber. We should seek a fresh way of moving with God. In this area alone (Pleasure) only God knows the number of churches there. So they are business centres and not churches again, except we change to God Nigeria would breaks and if it pleases God again He can bring the component together.

Any word for President Buhari?

Buhari is no longer himself, there are too much pressure on him. He is no more the active President of Nigeria. He is more of the President of the Fulanis. This is the problem caused by Sarah, for her impatience. We have no choice but to live with it. Buhari sees himself more as a Fulani and he is doing everything possible for please the Fulanis and the Miyetti Allah Cattle rearers, rather than satisfying Nigeria. I don’t have any word for him but to let him know that by April he would be visited again, there is nothing he can do about it, it will take the grace of God to bring him back. This is February by April he will be visited again, and his fate is in the hand of God. But he is not doing the will of God, because he does not see himself as the President of Nigeria.
Even Bola Tinubu, the Asiwaju is not Nigeria’s representative. He is his family’s representative in the public space in Nigeria today. It is very glaring. My prayer for this country is that God should have Mercy because of the saints.

What about the diseases all over the world?

The spirit of God had revealed it when I saw it that December 27, it moved like a thick cloud I saw it, it was moving, I don’t think there is any country that will not feel it this year.
I told people that different countries will be giving it different names. Nigeria will have its name for it, Ghana will also have its name for it. Then I asked for the solution, and the vision was removed. Therefore the solution is suspended, and it is only known to God. He has not revealed it to man. Only God can let us know the solution. But we have prayed that we will not be part of it. That is it about Nigeria. We pray God enters their hearts.


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