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Apostle Solomon Mustapha, the General Overseer of Seed of Christ Golden Church, has once again reassured that Nigeria would get over its current economic challenges.

Apostle Solomon Mustapha, also known as Prophet Sebioba who was recently in Ota Ogun State on a three-day crusade at the branch of his Church restated his earlier prophecy that the US dollar would crash against the Nigeria’s Naira was in Ota to revive participants who came from far and wide to be part of the crusade.

Prophet Mustapha who ministered on Miracle by Mantle, the theme of the crusade said the revival was inspired by God to set the captives free and raise the hopes of the participants, expressed the expectation that people would be liberated physically and spiritually at the end of the crusade.

He also expreesed the hope that participants would come from within and outside Sango and Ota communities and other parts of Lagos and Ogun States.  

The prophet known for his many of his prophecies which has come to pass also commented on his prophecy that Nigeria’s Naira would gain strength in the global market against the dollar and other currencies said he was saying what God revealed to him.

Prophet Mustapha who took time to meet with media representatives said he had no apologies concerning the prophecy he made that the dollar would crash against the naira however warned that the government and the people of Nigeria in general should not expect that prophets would be the ones to fix the country.

He explained, “The work of the prophet is to declare the word of God. When I said the dollar would crash, I was simply obeying God. The point is that the following day that I made the prophecy, the naira began to gain value and it gained value for about a week before it began to lose value again. So, I wonder why people were picking holes in the prophecy. Prophets are to prophesy, and not to fix exchange rate”

He explained that it was unfair to blame a bad economy on the prophet who says what he hears from God.  “It was what God told me what I shared with the people. Elisha prophesied concerning the situation in Samaria in Bible times and things changed almost immediately. What happened in the time of Elisha was worse than what we are experiencing today. People were eating themselves. If God could do it then, he can do it now”

Prophet Mustapha however noted that the prophet can’t play the role of the government. “The role of the prophet is to declare the word of God. It is left for the government to do the needful.”

The man of God also stressed that the situation in Nigeria called for concerted efforts on the part of both the government and the people.

He said, “We should pray. But then, I think we need to begin to change our confession concerning Nigeria. In the US, the slogan is, God bless America. Their dollar has the inscription, in God we trust. But what inscription do we have on our naira?” he asked.

According to him, “The prophecy of God concerning Nigeria is that the country will be better. We must also know that prophecies may not happen immediately.”

He cautioned politicians and government officials against corruption while urging them to stop siphoning the nation’s wealth abroad and gratifying their selfish desires.

He pleaded with young people to begin to think outside of the box if they want to get out of poverty and the frustration in the country.

“Sometimes I wonder why a university graduate will keep complaining there is no job. If you went to the university to study a course, why must you be looking for a job when you can start something small? The bane of many young people is that they want to start big.”

He cited the instance of a veterinary doctor he counseled to start rearing chicken after he searched for a job to no avail for four years.

“The beauty of the story of this young man is that he has become a successful farmer now. He started with just about 10 chickens. His farm is now so big that he now travels in and out of the country. People should learn to start small. Anything you want to do, if you start from the top, you will come down.”

Prophet Mustapha was in Sango with his wife and partner in ministry, Prophetess Eunice Mustapha, and other anointed ministers of God from within and outside his ministry which has its international headquarters in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State. .

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