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At The Final Exodus Bride Tabernacle where Apostle George Chukwuma John is the Presiding Overseer, this is that time of the year in the Church calendar where he plays host to ministers of God across various Church denominations, which marks the end of their annual 40 days fasting and prayer programme.

To play to type ministers of God will be coming to refresh themselves and interact in the teachings and learning of undiluted word of God with revelations, miracles signs and wonders between Monday 7th and Sunday 13th of February, 2022.

The conference takes place at the Church headquarters, 2/4, Tom Hendrix Avenue, Suberu Oje, by CAASO Bus Stop, Alagbado in Lagos.

Apostle George, speaking with PTL News ahead of the programme on Sunday said they were looking forward to having a memorable ministers’ gathering as he throws more light on the conference.

“We are looking forward from 7th February through Sunday 13th, and ministers from different parts of the world would be gathering here from different denominations. We will be here together, feed them, accommodate them, as we have sent vehicles to different parts of the country to bring partcipants here. We are taking care of their feeding, accommodation and transportation.

“The programme starts on Monday with two services first from 5.00 to 8.00pm and the other a vigil from 11.00pm. On Tuesday there will be a ministers’ meeting till evening, and there will be service at 5.00pm when we break our fast for the day.

“On Wednesday there will be Faith Clinic from 7.00am with service of deliverance, another service at 5.00pm and later vigil at 11.00pm. Another powerful ministerial meeting holds 10.00am on Thursday, with service at 5.00pm and Couples’ Night at 10pm. That is where and when we handle marital matters, dedication and rededication of marriages. It is free for all participants. There is enough to eat and drink. It is a special love feast. We use this to make participants come to enjoy the love of God. There will also be exchange of gifts by couples.

“At the programme, we also have consideration for widows. While couples exchange gifts between themselves we also have a special session for widows. The pastor within his means blesses the widows with different gifts. But we insist on beneficiaries to get registered as well as receive the word of God for their spiritual growth. Registration is also free, and it is open to members and non members of our church here.

We have free time on Friday morning which we believe would provide opportunities for participants to rest, engage themselves and interact with one another. It will be followed with an all night programme later in the night.

“On Saturday we have another special aspect of the programme which we call the Lord’s Supper Service. Service begins at 3.00pm after breaking our fast for the day.

“On Sunday is the grand finale featuring sessions of praise and worship, preaching of undiluted word of God and how to put things in order in churches as there will also be sessions of prayer, deliverance, healing, family matters and breakthrough. There will also be ordination of ministers and anointing session for ministers and workers. Our ordination is free, but with established contacts. The entire programme will be rounded off with the Lord’s Supper and Feet Washing.

“On the following Monday, the visitors depart. We are expecting ministers from the Eastern part of Nigeria of imo, Anambra, Abia States and the like, South-South as far as Port Harcout, Delta and Edo States. It is open to all people across denominations.”

The theme for the 40 days Fasting and Prayer is Brightness in all areas of our life.

“The importance of the conference is rooted that we are conscious of the fact that Satan is using many ministers to deceive people. God told me that His greatest enemies are the ministers who deceive people with the message of the gospel, especially of Malachi 4,5, and 6, and Revelation 10.7. They only talk about their needs, their belly, money and miracles without minding perishing souls and speak of salvation.

“In the meeting we want to get all these settled with the scriptures, and this has been the crux of our messages all over places and many good Christians have come to appreciate what we are doing, and we will bring this to bear at the conference.

“I believe the world needs to hear more about our message. We are praying God to bring sponsors, money and materials. It is very costly to bring out the truth because the liars have taken over the whole available space with lies. The little efforts we are presently making are not enough.

“For instance, like all these marital matters out there, there are marital problems everywhere, even in the Church, there will be meeting with married men and women separately. We have discovered that many pastors preach a lot of errors by equating men with women, we believe all these must be corrected.

“There are some of our teachings here that many people may find difficult to understand except God convinced them, and we encourage them to come here and learn the truth of the gospel.

“For instance, the Lord’s Supper the Churches are holding today is different from what we have of the Bible. There are so many of them that we are trying to correct. Another example is about the role of women in the gospel. Here we don’t believe that women should preach on the pulpit, but this does not mean that they have no role inside the Church.”

Apostle George is one man that remains almost hopeless about the state of affairs in Nigeria. He for long has expressed that the current arrangement would do Nigeria no good.

“I still stand on my point that Nigeria is under curse and there is no remedy for the solution. Nigeria’s problem is not the leaders or the president but for the curse. I don’t see anybody to revoke the curse.

“The solution is for everyone to run his race and trace his way to Jesus Christ. Let everyone run to Christ for his or her own safety. It is not about Church. The worst thing is that running back to Christ may come through wrong hands. May God deliver us. Unless God leads one to a good shepherd one may be led astray. The world does not give man what he deserves but what he demands.”  

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