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As the world is searching for solution that can put an end to the global Covid-19 ravaging the whole world, a wholesome holistic recommendation has been proffered. The solution is coming from a no less person than Rev. Tony Akinyemi a pastor turned nutritional therapist, and the minister in charge of Shepherd Flock International Church, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Rev Akinyemi in a special online webinar had come out with a three-prong solution to the global menace listing natural solutions, laboratory solutions and spiritual solution.

The man of God noted that the coming of the pandemic was not beyond God and God who knew about its coming can also withdraw it from the earth. He therefore expressed the belief that God would heal the world if the people genuinely called on Him and pray. He also appealed to those behind the infiltration to repent.

Another solution mentioned by Rev. Akinyemi was the laboratory solution by research and development of appropriate vaccines to both to prevent and cure the disease. He was however pessimistic if Africa could benefit well from laboratory solution for its infrastructural and financial deficiencies.

But he was very sure that one option that could be helpful to African continent is the natural solution through natural herbal remedies.

He said “Africa cannot play major profitable role in laboratory area. There could be little gain from soil and mineral solutions but it would not be much.

He said Africa has so much to gain from natural and herbal remedies, from the forest but lamented the situation where Africans have been so brainwashed into not believing in their own natural solution to the pandemic.

“Africans have been so brainwashed into not accepting herbal forest remedy. Herbs from the forest in this case is our gold in Africa. Some herbs have been serving our forefathers for a long time and they are still available for the use of our generation.

“It is our new oil for us to be mining. Africa can develop this and sell to the other parts of the world. Africa must arise to tap into the opportunities.” He was very quick to warn Africans to change their attitudes about herbal therapy.

“If we can research and apply herbs it would provide economic opportunities as it provides solution to the global health crisis. Let us begin to have home grown solution to Covid-19 and stop being lazy and beggarly,” he warned.

Other natural antidotes recommended by Rev. Akinyemi was for people to distance themselves from fear, hold strong to faith in God, and try to apply some ‘do it yourself’ methods through improved lifestyles, maintenance of personal hygiene, exposure to sunlight, adequate sleep, regular moderate exercise, application of stress management ethics as well as laughter therapy.

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