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A clearer picture of the alleged release of a controversial video clip titled Aboru Aboye by Evangelist Tope Alabi singing to praise the God of Yoruba Traditional worshippers has emerged. A video clip of about five minutes showed that the event took place in a concert featuring another rising gospel singer, Aduke Gold.

Having watched the clip, PTL News presents a graphic detail of how it all happened.

It was a concert and the idea of Aboru, Ebo, Sacrifice was introduced by Aduke Gold who invited her senior colleague through song in Yoruba to the platform and said,

“Mummy before I release you, You have been bringing Ebo (Sacrifice) for long, don’t bring sacrifice again, You have been bringing sacrifice of praise, don’t bring sacrifice again.

Obviously excited by the aura of the environment, Aduke Gold announced, “From today everyone in this gathering, I have become sacrifice, Mo debo, How many sacrifices have I brought to make up for all the goods of the Lord to me. I have become sacrifice, I have become songs.

“You have been bringing sacrifice, your songs have been more than sacrifice, it is better if you transform to become sacrifice, You brought sacrifice yesterday, you brought sacrifice the day before, you have been bringing sacrifice, Dupe Alabi, change and become sacrifice.”

Tope Alabi replied, “I have always been a sacrifice, I have become songs, I have become sacrifice,” they both chorused, and they began to sing together.

“I am indeed the sacrifice but I did not take myself to the centre of the town, It is the High priest that takes sacrifice. He (God) is the one that holds me and carries me in His hands. He will lift me up in his hands so that I will not hit my legs against stones (quoting a verse of Psalms), because I am a sacrifice. If I am not a sacrifice, how does God save me?

“When the people of the world bring out their sacrifice at the centre of the town they would say, that the sacrifice is accepted. (Ebo fin, Ebo yi tu,). If it is not sacrifice how will it be accepted? I am a sacrifice that is why he is accepting me. I have become a sacrifice, a song, I have become songs. They both chorused while Aduke continued that she had become Eboduke, Eboseun, and others Eboyinka, let every ebo in the house greet one another,” and they all sang together.

That was the portion of the song that was hyped by the social media influencers and bloggers.

The other jabs followed, “Ebo nki ebo.” They then danced sacrifice of praise. That was when Tope Alabi echoed the Moru Moye, Aboru, Aboye lyrics.

Many prominent people Christians and non-Christians have taken sides, as some support while others oppose and condemn.

What it means is that she has released of herself to God as a sacrifice, but was wrongly hyped by social media users, traditional worshippers and critics.

One of those portions of the bible quoted in support of Tope Alabi was Romans 12:1 NKJV

“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living SACRIFICE, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.”

The foremost drama minister Evangelist Mike Bamiloye wrote, in support of Tope Alabi, “In fact, sincerely speaking, if you are a true child of God, you are already a SACRIFICE! (ĘBO NI Ę) The ONLY DIETY WHO CAN RECEIVE OR ACCEPT YOU IS GOD ALMIGHTY,unless you decide to present yourself to the DEVIL as Sacrifice.

The doyen of Nigeria’s gospel drama wrote on his social media handle, “Many Musicians of the world have presented themselves to the Devil as Living Sacrifice, so they are tied to the Altar of the Devil and serving him. Many Entertainers of the World are already tied to the Altars of demons as living Sacrifice and they are serving them. But ME, I am USELESS Outside of Jesus Christ. I am already tied to the ALTAR OF SACRIFICE. I am a LIVING SACRIFICE ON THE ALTAR OF GOD.

Also alluding to Dusin Oyekan’s song Mike Bamiloye stated further, “My Dear Brother, Minister DUNSIN OYEKAN also sang the Song: “I have more than the Song today…I am your SACRIFICE…Leave me at the Altar with my Father!” adding, “Every true child of God is tied to the Altar of Sacrifice. He or She is a SACRIFICE indeed!  A Living Sacrifice.

therefore, if truly you have become a sacrifice to God, it is God who should accept you!” as he concluded, “may the sacrifice be accepted!”

“I am already a sacrifice” may I be accepted by My Father!  May He set me on Fire on His Altar! Let this Sacrifice be accepted!  Let the smoke of me rise to the Heavens! Je ki Ebo o rú!Je ki Ebo o dà! This is the same thing Evang. Tope Alabi was singing in a High Deep Worship!”

The Sacrifice that is ACCEPTED! The Sacrifice that is LIVING! ABORU! ABOYE! No matter the interpretations of the Traditionalists; this is our own interpretations from the scriptures!

I am a SACRIFICE! A LIVING SACRIFICE! May I be accepted by the Lord God in heaven! May I be set on Fire! May the Smoke of Me rise to the Heavens as Sweet Fragrance!

“AMEN!” he prayed.

With the release of more part of the scene which had the popular Prophet Funso Akande of Ede Prayer mountain, and his wife in house, it is believed it would douse the tensions and controversies generated by the video clip.  

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  • FeyiEsan, July 6, 2023 @ 3:28 pm Reply

    Thanks for this spiritual uplifting writeup. You awoken the giant in me. More Anointing to PTL

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