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More prophecies are being released for the year 2021. The latest among them is the one from Prophet Joseph Olusegun Adeyemi, the Senior Prophet and Minister in charge of Cherubim and Seraphim Church Movement, Ayo Ni O, World Light Evangelical Ministry (WOLEM) CHAPEL, 2, African Mission Street, Off Oselu Street, Iyana Ile Oba, Bus Stop, Igando, Lagos.

According to the prophet “about 23 politicians who have been working against the interest of Nigeria would die before the first half of the year, and by the third month of March there will be no more Coronavirus in the country.”

The man of God who is presently on a 21-day fasting and prayer spiritual journey also revealed that the angel of God would descend from heaven and begin to flog the powerful people and those that belong to the kingdom of darkness in Nigeria and the whole world, and their secrets would be exposed.

Prophet Adeyemi who also has his message for the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu, added that “God wants to test his faith in order to amend and make Lagos a better place. He should tighten his belt and girdle up.”

He also warned the governor and all the rulers of Lagos State to take away a non-challenge attitude towards the youth because God would make peace reign in Lagos through the youths.

“Pray for Lagos State, some people are asking why is peace reigning in Lagos? The governor, Sanwoolu is not at ease. He observes that he is surrounded by wolves/lions but God will surely judge them. Governor Sanwoolu’s matter will cause dispute among other rulers of Lagos and his enemies will be killing themselves.”

The prophet also has his words for the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari. “Tell President Buhari that he is part of the problem of Nigeria along with his co-rulers but they will surely reap what they have sown. The leaders of this country Nigeria are her worst enemies thereby putting the punishment on their oncoming generation.

He continued, “There will not be much of fire outbreak but we will hear of such from states. Before the sixth month of June, there will be hunger but God will surely solve the problem.”
Prophet Adeyemi also revealed that after the sixth month, there would be peace and comfort in Nigeria, and the secrets of evildoers of the country would be revealed openly.

As for the enemies of Nigeria, “23 politicians who are evildoers in this country will die before the first half of the year. 24 people who want to sell this country into slavery from South Africa will also die. All the secrets of the evildoers of Nigeria and the world for each month of this year will be exposed.”

Prophet Adeyemi also has some words for some states of Nigeria.
“Ondo, Edo, Delta, Imo, Anambra States will witness something called abomination as some people have deepened their hands into dark powers but God will surely fight for the people.

The cleric also called for more prayers “Pray that an angel of destruction will not come with windstorm to destroy lives and properties, during the raining season, and that God should stop it from happening.”

Beyond Nigeria, Prophet Adeyemi also had his message for South Africa. He requested, “Pray for South Africa. Some people have gone against the will of God in the country. A great pandemic, disease or sickness will emerge from there but pray that the disease won’t get to Nigeria,” he revealed.
Prophet Joseph Olusegun Adeyemi would be descending from the spiritual mountain with the theme Covenant of Divine Victory come Thursday, January 21, 2021 at his Church, World Light Evangelical Ministry (WOLEM) CHAPEL, 2, African Mission Street, Off Oselu Street, Iyana Ile Oba, Bus Stop, Igando, Lagos. He can be reached by telephone through Telephone number, 08037252652, 07085342014.

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